About Petrolog

Petrolog Automation, Inc. was founded in 2007 in Odessa, Texas to develop technological solutions for the oil and gas industry. The focus is to provide innovative solutions that help our customers achieve better profitability of their assets by optimizing their operation, thus increasing production but also reducing operating costs.

We recently moved our Headquarters to San Antonio, TX, although we keep an operations office in the Odessa to service The Permian Basin. We are also present in other areas of the U. S. through agreements with distributors and service companies.

One of our biggest advantages is that all the technological solutions are developed in-house and from the ground up by a very experienced engineering staff. Owning the technology allows us to quickly respond to market demands, either by upgrading our current line of products or by developing new solutions. It also allows for great customer service due to the in-depth knowledge of the product, and a more competitive pricing.