Well Automation for Pumpjacks

With a patented auto adjust and artificial intelligence algorithms, this highly reliable and cost effective pump off controller will increase the barrel count and reduce the operational cost for most of the timer based oil wells.

Petrolog Smart Control for Rod Pump is a reliable, cost effective and easy to use and maintain pump off controller. Its main focus is to increase the barrel count by optimizing the runtime of the oil well, as well as to save on operating, maintenance and energy costs.


  • Patented algorithm to detect the Pump Off condition

  • Automatic calculation of the optimum time out to obtain maximum pumping efficiency

  • Down Hole fillage estimate based on Surface Card

  • Walking beam-mounted sensors for easy installation and maintenance

  • Android tablet application that provides on-site status information:

    • Real time surface card monitoring

    • Parameters setting

    • Down hole fillage information

  • Website and mobile apps for monitoring your wells from anywhere with an internet connection


Increased production. With at least 10 wells, the average increase in production is half a barrel of oil per day. You can do the math, but at $40/barrel, it is over $7,000 of additional revenue per well!

Reduce maintenance cost. Our patented auto-adjusting algorithm makes the well pump only when there is something to extract. No more pumping an empty well and the problems it brings.

Reduce energy cost. A better optimization of pump starts reduces energy consumption.

Reduced downtime. Learn the moment something fails and respond faster.

Lease Model

We know that these are difficult times for the Oil & Gas industry. Although the oil price is not as low as it was just after the oil price crash of 2014, it is still half of what it was during the early years of this decade. Producer companies are much more careful with their investments, and thus it becomes harder to have the approval to invest on automation for a well.

Enter our lease model. Our patented solution allows for easy installation and we will happily install our pump off controller for free. You will only have to pay a monthly fee for its usage. We are so confident that you will want to keep it that there are no fixed terms, no risk on your side, and if you are ever dissatisfied, we will just take it away, no questions asked.